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YeGRIN Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lighting

Highest performance LED module used.
The Scarf 1X2 uses the highest performance LED module specifically custom-made.
Each LED module operates at 2800K and 6000K, and the CRI (Color Rendering) outputs 98 and 96, respectively.
The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) was also recorded as 98. (See Specifications for Manufacturer)
This means top-grade performance with LED continuous light sources.

The LED module is also durable enough to withstand a 22kg/cm2 force.
It provides sufficient durability even in harsh conditions, and it also provides excellent light sources for long periods of use.

Flexible light sources in various forms
The flexible lighting provides effective light for all areas where lighting is required.
The Scarf 1X2 has a structural feature that does not use an aluminum or plastic housing, but is made of light flexible PCBs and wire frames to bend naturally.

Discharge heat.
Scarf 1X2 are free from heat.
To cool the LED flexible PCB, a 3mm thick heat shield is used.

The pad has a thermal conductivity of 8.5Wmk and prevents short circuits, short circuits, etc., which can cause the module to bend.

The Scarf 1X2 are not submerged in sandstorms, snow, rain, etc. (Battery connections are excluded.)

To do this, we use PVC filters, waterproof fibres, and waterproof zippers that have been specially sealed, and waterproof connectors with sealed structures.

This means IP54 grade dustproofing (see KS C IEC 60529 / International Standard IEC 60529 Technical Content and Specifications).