Highlight Specs


  • 1x2 Sized LED Soft Panel
  • Ra 98~95 High CRI Color Property
  • 3200K~5600K Variable Color Temperature
  • 100%~0% Dimmable Brightness
  • LED Numeric Display for Easy Operation
  • Integrated DMX Interface
  • 2 Way Slide-In Accessory Slots
  • Detachable V-mount battery plate
  • Soft Dimming and Kelvin Change by Software Tuning

The FL1000 is a 1×2′ soft LED panel with variable color temperature, DMX and full local dimming.
Employing high CRI of 98~95 LED technologies designed to correspond to the spectral sensitivity of HD camera’s image sensor, it is ideal for all types of location shootings and TV studios of small and medium sizes. In addition, rugged but lightweight aluminum construction guarantees high resistance to any type of rigorous use.

The light is equivalent of a 800W tungsten flood fixture, but only consumes 100w power draw.
Thanks to the built-in heat sink design without fan, this fixture can operate silently in the studio.
It can be powered with an universal 100~240 VAC adapter or V-Lock battery, and the built-in 2-way slide-in accessory slots are designed to accommodate a variety of light control accessories like a filter holder, barndoors or Egg crate. The included manual yoke has a 10mm hole to attach a c-clamp or a stand adaptor ,and a pole-operating yoke version is to be ordered separately.
The FL1000 series is divided into three models including bi-color, single color and non DMX versions.

Model FL1000
Color Temp 3200K~5600K
Power Consumption 100W
Brightness @1m
*w/ 2T Acryl Diffuser
2469 Lux @ 5600K
2286 Lux @ 3200K
Beam Angle 120˚
Input Power 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimming 100%~0%
Dimension (WxHxD) 565x315x98mm
Weight 4.1Kg