Scarf 1X2

Flexible bi-color LED

100W Flexible, Moldable LED Mat

High CRI Property of 98-95

Unique Outer Casing Design without a Coating

Integrated Thermal Pad for Optimized Cooling

Fully Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness

DMX Connection Via RJ45

Built-In V-Mount Battery Plate -Resistant to Moisture

Five Memorized Kevin Presets

   The LED Scarf 1X2 is a 100W class bi_Color LED illuminator with abundant light capacity. It is designed with light LED flexible PCB and wire frame without using a housing of aluminum or plastic material and has structural features that can bend naturally. There are advantages to having a car that is difficult to install in general lighting, small spaces such as elevators and ceilings, as well as round-shaped curved surfaces such as columns.

 A Velcro attached to the front and rear of the four sides is also used to extend several LED Scarfs into one or to install accessories such as soft boxes.

YeGRIN's unique transparent PVC cover design not only protects internal LED light sources and circuits from harsh use environments, but also enables filming in rainy or humid environments. In the event of problems with LED elements and internal wiring, the cover and LED PCB can be removed, allowing AS without difficulty.

LED Scarf 1X2 can adjust continuous color temperature from 2800K to 6000K and dim without Flicker from 100% to 0% through RC-4 Digital Dimer. The V-Mount Battery Plate is fitted with a built-in battery and 100-240V AC Adapters for powering.

Default BOX KIT offerings include LED Scarf 1X2 Mat, AC Adapter, X band bracket, RC-4 Dimmer, and V-Mount Plate.

LED Scarf 1X1
LED Scarf 1X2
LED Scarf 1X4
LED Scarf 2X2
Color Temp
Power Consumption
Brightness @1m
Beam Angle
Power Source
Dimension (WxHxD)


Highest performance LED module used.

The 'YeGRIN Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lighting' uses the highest performance LED module specifically custom-made.
Each LED module operates at 2800K and 6000K, and the CRI (Color Rendering) outputs 98 and 96, respectively.
The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) was also recorded as 98. (See Specifications for surveys)
This means top-notch performance with LED continuous light sources.

The LED module is also durable enough to withstand a 40kg/cm2 force.
It provides sufficient durability even in harsh conditions, and it also provides excellent light sources for long periods of use.

Flexible light sources in various forms
The flexible lighting geometry provides effective light for all areas where lighting is required.
The 'YeGRIN Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lighting' has a structural feature that does not use an aluminum or plastic housing, but is made of light LED flexible PCBs and wire frames to bend naturally.

Discharge heat.
'YeGRIN Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lights' are free from heat.
To heat the LED flexible PCB, a 3mm thick heat shield is used.
The pad has a thermal conductivity of 8.5Wmk and prevents short circuits, short circuits, etc., which can cause the module to bend.
30 minutes after operation

The 'YeGRIN Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lights' are not submerged in sandstorms, snow, rain, etc. (Battery connections are excluded.)
To do this, we use PVC filters, waterproof fibres, and waterproof zippers that have been specially sealed, and waterproof connectors with sealed structures.
This means IP54 grade dustproofing (see KS C IEC 60529 / International Standard IEC 60529 Technical Content and Specifications).

Diverse scalability
The luminescence of 'Yegrin Scarf 1X2 Flexible Bi-color LED Lights' is created by combining a number of know-how in the field.
Each light can be combined with each other using a ballpoint. If large lighting is required, 2 or 4 lights can be combined.

In addition to the soft boxes included in the kit, various accessories such as diffusers and grids can be used to create the light sources you need.
Improved Controller RC-4
The YeGRIN RC-4 Controller can be used for Scarf 1X2 lighting and smaller Scarf1X1 lighting.
By default, bi-color 2800K-6000K can be adjusted in 50K units, and the light volume can be adjusted in 101 steps without flicker from 0% to 100%.
You can also use the feature with a preset to quickly change to pre-saved color temperatures. (2800K, 3200K, 4800K, 5600K, 6000K)

The RC-4 Controller can be connected to the DMX console using the standard terminal.
You can adjust the light remotely to take advantage of the various console features.
It also has the last mode function. The final mode maintains the light just before it is turned on in case of an open circuit in the console's fault cable, and allows you to continue shooting in the event of a machine failure.

The RC-4 Controller is simply mounted on the light stand using a wire and can be secured to the clamp, etc. using a quarter-inch socket.
The V-mount plate provides convenient battery use and provides power to the 15 to 24V Powerbank and AC Adapta.

Ease of use and carry
The 'Yegrin Scarf 1X2 Flexible bi-color LED Lighting' has a light weight of 700g+550g (light emitting part + power unit).
The light weight and separate lighting form does not burden small A-type stands, as well as light-weighted.

Quality control
Testing and tuning are needed for the best product.
We rigorously inspect every product we produce.
Because it is to deliver the highest quality product to the customer.